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WTH is The Bludge?

‘The Bludge’ is a juxtaposition of ‘blog’ and ‘judge’ cuz I used to write about American Idol episodes and my friends told me I needed to start a blog, and after about two years of poo-pooing them (ew), I caved.
Basically what I was doing was being a judge-mental biotch, so, I totally fit right in as a blogger.

I don’t just plan on talking about TV shows, this is my outlet for pictures that I’m proud of taking, funny shit I feel like sharing with you people, and not much else because I don’t want to get fired from my day job. Also, I’m terrible at being consistent.

I live for comments because I need other people to make me feel accepted, it’s reassuring. I have low self esteem but I’m totally self absorbed. I’m working on that.

I have actual hobbies outside of sitting in front of this glowing magical box of internets (and that time-sucking box of toobs), like playing soccer, cooking, knitting, sorting Legos, singing karaoke with my friends, eating food with my friends, making huge train tracks for my son, photography, consuming brownie mix, losing Trivial Pursuit, seeing live music, making pancakes out of cake batter, and trying to be less of a sarcastic bitch.

Thanks for coming by and remember, I’m awesome.

Note to note: If you are wondering why there are so many weird comments on this and other pages of mine, it is because I think they are funny. I alter them so that there are no active links and I usually give them funny email addresses, names, and websites that aren’t really real. Boring spam messages get deleted, so spammers, ye be warned, be funny or be gone.


27 Responses to “WTH is The Bludge?”

  1. Cassandra said

    Hell to the yeah. The Bludge fucking rawks!!

  2. Dianimall said

    Bludge Away Biotch! Lerve Ya

  3. Nanci said

    Hmmmm…..that just makes me a Bidge…or Jutch, because I don’t have a blog and must live vicariously through yours, all the while judging others in a most bitchy way.

    It’s just a matter of time before there is a super dramatic reality T.V. special about it, kind of like Hoarders, but for Bitches.

  4. Alexis said

    I cannot believe how long it has taken me to finally get to reading this. I love this section. And please, do not ever stop being a sarcastic bitch. I love it!

  5. Here is your comment. Go feel validated.

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  7. GeneWaymn said

    “Smarter,” Gardener echoed.
    [Link removed cuz it wasn’t funny]
    tight, trembling eyelids, bowed upon the ground in the attitude of most

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